Pulse is a Voodoo Queen Management Roster Band and has been a band before they took a hiatus for a few years. I had first reviewed their first album back in 2012-now I feel they are stronger than ever and their music is matured over the years as well.

Pulse is one of those bands that writes and performs from the heart and are unapologetic about it all, it's nice to have some good old Rock n Roll through all that is played on the radio these days.

One song just blends into another not letting you think about whether to stop it ,but actually just turn it up more with each time you play the album and songs all have their definite Pulse sound.

"From Within" slows things down a bit but the vocals of Sean Yeaney are always a treat to hear , has a good vocal range.

The musicianship on this album is fantastic , the riff on "Brand New Day" is catchy but yet does not overpower the rest of the song, it just fits in.

Powerful songs sung and a video for "No Fate" that some really good food for thought on the abuse of drugs and alcohol and those that have been under the power of either of them.

I say all of this with an unbiased opinion of this band , if I do not like an album --I simply do not review it any longer.

This is one of the better albums I have heard this year.

Thank you

Anthony Nadeau

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Review: Pulse – “The Sum Of Our Parts” 04/25/16

From the moment you put on the album and listen to the first song “Damage Done”, you can’t help but to be hooked by the strong, melodic vocals and the heavy rhythm from one song to the next. This album is like a sweet whiskey, easy to swallow and hits you in all the right places. “The Sum Of Our Parts” is easily my favorite hard rock album this year, and it’s one that I can’t get myself to sit down too soon. Twelve songs suitable for almost every aspect of our lives, especially songs like “Something You Should Know” and “Every Word” which leads into some heavier nuggets of reality about life and some of the people you meet (and may have already met). The album finishes off with “No Fate” (there’s an amazing video available online for this song), an emotionally charged song about addiction that’ll leave you walking out a stronger person the next day. If you get a chance, definitely go see this band live in your area, and grab your own copy of “The Sum Of Our Parts”! Scecilla-VQM Staff




Skinbound is a new band to me, I hadn’t even heard of them before I was asked to do a review; holy shit was I in for a sweet surprise! I am always looking for new music and this album is one of the best albums I have heard this year! This album starts off with aMen, a very dark & gothic sounding song with Mathew’s guitar and Alexander’s haunting vocals setting the tone for the intensity of the album. As the album progresses it picks up quick, into a complex Gothic Metal feel, with a band of musicians who know how to keep it tight and fast, with perfect change ups and tasty riffs that showcase the amazing vocal talents from the bands front man Alexander. This album doesn’t sound like anything else, it is original and it is very well produced, with a perfect balance allowing the listener to hear everything that went in to creating this masterpiece! Take my word for it and pick up Skinbound’s latest album “Devil in the Details” you’ll thank me for it!


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Blood of Heroes  “Symbolic Voices”  Release date: March 2nd, 2019 on AMG© Sony©


Heavy as fuck! I’m sorry, was that too much too soon? I think not! On their media pages they list them selves as Hard Rock/Metal, I say that’s an understatement. Blood of Heroes may be an up and coming band to most of the world, but these boys have pressed out a killer album of songs that will make you and when you hear the brilliance of this album you will understand why. The biggest thing that excites me about their new album “Symbolic Voices” are the complexities in their sound. Yes it’s Metal, but what gives Blood of Heroes their niche are all the little things. From the sinister laughing in their song Joke is on You, The chilling whispers and String instruments in their song Fucked Up Shit, and the sound of rain behind the amazing Spanish guitar work at the end of Fed Up will bring chills to your skin! Another thing I love about this album is how balanced the recording is; no individual instrument overpowers the recording and it shows the maturity in their production and writing composition. You can listen to the whole album and not feel like you’re listening to the same thing over and over. Lyrically the album is very thought provoking and the vocals are sung both clean and growly (both of which you can understand), the guitar work is melodic, complex, and technical with killer solos, and the Bass and Drum work really sets the heavy driving tone that is so killer on this album! Produced by Paul Schluter at Megatone Studios in Madison Wi, co- produced by Blood of Heroes, Mastering by Jimmy Brick at Absolute Audio Inc, Highlands NJ. Signed with AMG Sony and Mark Berry. I would absolutely say that fans of Pantera, Demon Hunter, Five Finger Death Punch, and Lamb of God will love this album! Blood of Heroes hail from Danville, IL. is comprised of Vocalist Rich Treadway, Guitarist- Phillip Polezoes, Drummer- Nick Polezoes, Bassist- Torbjron Solgard, Guitarist- Eric Abner, and managed by Voodoo Queen Management. Although the album release date is March 2nd, they have a brand-new video up of their album title song “Symbolic Voices” on YouTube, and of course you can see it on the Voodooqueendigitalmagazine.com feature page for Blood of Heroes. Look folks, there is a reason we promote these bands and it’s not because we are being paid to do so; Blood of Heroes has put together a very kick ass album and it is my absolute pleasure to help bring the attention that these boys deserve! Please help us by showing the band a little love; like and share their media pages, BUY their new album “Symbolic Voices” on March 2nd, and most of all, go see their live shows and pic up some merchandise so the guys can keep doing what they were put on this planet to do, and that’s rock our world!


Dean Taylor

Staff Writer, Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine

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