Danny Husemann From Virucide at Just Bills.

Virucide gave the "littest rocker" Abel Kane Joshua McLards Guitar from Virucide



The Reboot Program is part of VQM, it is set to inform and educate the younger generation on what is going on in their local music scene. The bands from the VQM roster and more need to be heard. The gap between what is played on the radio/verses local.




An amazing image of children involved with the local music scene..right on stage. Thanks to the guys from VIRUCIDE for being such a huge supporter of the Reboot Program and for donating this guitar to one of our youngest rockers. 





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Voodoo Queen Management out of Chicago, IL has started a program for our youth called Reboot Program and one of the activities that we offer is Rock the Halls. Rock the Halls is designed to show our students all aspects of the music industry including booking, touring, playing live shows, gear set up and maintenance, and more. Rock the Halls was founded in November 2015 with Healy & Brewster, Kansas and expanded to include a full week of shows with schools and community centers this year. As a lifetime resident of western Kansas and mother to a young child our Reboot Program CEO, Kimber Starks, understands the importance of artistic outlets for children. Our goal is to introduce different varieties of music and art to children that may not otherwise get to experience these arts in person. We have had an overwhelming response from the students and community members and numerous requests to return for future shows. Currently we are in the process of expanding our Rock the Halls tour series into other areas of the nation and would love to hear from you as to where you want to see this program next.

Kimber Starks
CEO Reboot Program
Voodoo Queen Management

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