Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine Review and Interview with War Hammer


By Jodi Landes

One night an unknown all original band from Peoria, Illinois came to town. Not many people had heard of them and didn’t know what to expect. Some people said they heard their music sounded like IRON MAIDEN and MEGADEATH got together and had a baby and this was the result. That remark immediately sparked interest.

Four guys approached the stage, taking their spots.

Somewhat eerie harmonics began abruptly interrupted by savage guitar work. Heavy drums followed accompanied by clear vocals comparable to that of bands from the 80s.

“Yeahs” and whistling began to take place from the crowd.

When the first song ended the vocalist introduced the band as WAR HAMMER and each member. More chants and hollers came from the audience and the band continued to perform. Each song getting more and more approval. While they didn’t dress in costume I definitely was taken back to the 80s. Their style is similar but different and unique. They are a band with an extremely cool sound and shouldn’t be kept a secret. They have a great stage presence and are filled with hard rock and grind with an 80s touch that makes it all work great.

At the end of the show the audiences applause proved to the guys they had done an exceptional job and nobody would forget WAR HAMMER had came, saw and kicked ass.

If you love hard rock and like original music I suggest you look to WAR HAMMER and give them a listen. Thank you guys for coming to our town. I really enjoyed your show.

Before the show I was able to conduct a quick interview with the guys and below are the results.


JESSE GONZALES-guitar, vocals


TERRY RICHARDS- bass, vocals




JL-What inspired your band name and what inspires your songs?


WAR HAMMER-Classic thrash and metal coming together in a heavy, pounding style that brings war upon the ears of pop culture. A name that could represent the transformation of our diverse influences into a hard hitting force - one that is easily recognizable.


JL-What inspired your band name and what inspires your songs?


WAR HAMMER-Inspired by world events, life experiences and the love of the art and lifestyle that is heavy metal.


JL- What’s next for your band?


WAR HAMMER-Plans to record a second album and to secure a label and touring contract.


JL-Do you guys feel your audience will be hungry to buy your songs?


WAR HAMMER-Yes, our songs have already been bought and stolen thousands of times. There’s a few songs when we play live, you can actually witness it in the audience - a real thrilling experience for us.


JL-What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you on tour?


WAR HAMMER-Once while unloading gear after a show, we stumbled upon an adult movie being made behind the venue... Outside! That’s been good for lots of laughs whenever it comes up.


JL-What do you guys like to do outside of music that contributes to your creativity?


WAR HAMMER-A few of us are pretty big into world travel and see other cultures and rhythm styles. It’s probably on accident but it helps keep new ideas and inspiration coming and there’s always an element of it our songs.


JL-What is your favorite song to perform and why?


WAR HAMMER-Frontline Massacre because it is brutal, fast, dynamic and mixes the ferocity of thrash and speed metal with classic metal vocals with a War Hammer twist.


JL-What changes would you like to see in the music industry to allow you to make a living from your music?


WAR HAMMER-As competitive as live music can be, we would like to see the return of more people paying for live music by musicians and a lot less “flat-billed hat” wearing DJs that simply play others’ music with extra noise added. We really enjoy hanging out with our friends and fans before and after the show. Even more so, we like seeing and meeting new fans. When people tell us how refreshing it is to hear a new band that has a classic metal throwback kind of flavor, it gets us real excited that people are coming out to see us play AND like it! With more shows it brings us more opportunity interact with our fans - basically our favorite thing to do. We really like interacting with our audience when we play, but when we get to also share a drink or two with them afterwards... We love it!

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