Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine wants to know what makes Wayland "Always On Tour? "



Rock N Roll is busy as hell these days and keeping it busy is a hard working band Wayland out of Wayland Michigan.

Not only did their sound catch my ear, hearing all kinds of influences but yet having their own sound. But also the unbelievable devotion they have to their fans, the every day blue collar workers, each other, the amazing talent each of them have and their gift of entertaining people with their shows!





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 Mitch Arnold  rhythm guitarist & lead singer for the band Wayland lets Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine Know!



VQDM: First Off thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. You all are so busy 24/7! How do you do it all?


Mitch: We have been on the road for over 300 days a year for over 3 years now. As far as the slogan “Always On Tour,” I’d say those numbers speak for themselves. This is the life we’ve always wanted. No one was going to give us this career. We had to go out and get it. 


We are very busy! I think the key to getting it all done is dividing the work and staying organized. You have to prioritize and lean on your team members. You’ve got to ask for help when you need it and ask questions when you don’t understand something. And in the end, you have to let go. Because if you’re doing your best it’s not about what gets done, but how it all gets accomplished. Forgiving yourself for running out of time is also important. Hahahaha


VQDM: Sorry, to jump ahead of myself   but for those that don't know the members of the band and what they do. Give us a little who is who and what they do and a little history of how the band came to be and how long you all have been together?



Mitch: We’ve been a band for almost 9 years. Phill Vilenski plays lead guitar, Dean Pizzazz is on bass, Tyler Coburn plays the drums and my name is Mitch Arnold. I play rhythm guitar and am the lead singer for the band. The full story of how we came together is a full conversation in itself. It would take me a long time to write, so I’ll paraphrase. Phill, Dean and I met in Los Angeles, CA right out of High School when we were 18. Phill and I started playing music together almost immediately. After we started our first band, Dean was living on the couch. Our bass player quit. Dean moved into his room and started learning bass. He would stay home all day and play until he got the songs good enough to play show. Since then, he’s become an incredible bass player, an amazing musician and one of my personal favorite players. A few years after that, we were looking for a drummer. Through the grapevine back in Michigan, Tyler found out an LA rock band was looking for a drummer. He sent in a video tape of him playing our songs and we invited him out to join the band. That was 9 years ago. 




VQDM: It's amazing to see the devotion and appreciation you all have  for all your fans from Warrior of the day to Wayland Wednesday. How did all that come to be?


Mitch: With the way that social media is constructed, it’s easier than ever to be connected to our fans. There are a lot of people in the music business that are disgusted with the way things are. We have used it to our advantage and made ourselves available using social media, especially Facebook. We are always trying to find ways to get our fans involved. To keep them participating in what we have going on. A fan actually came up with the term, “Wayland Warrior.” We just kind of ran with it. Since then, thousands of people have thrown up the “W” and declared themselves a Warrior. Along with our fans, we’ve used the phrase, “Wayland Warrior,” a symbol of unity, strength, kindness and love. And I think that is represented at the shows and on our Facebook page. We’re the luckiest band alive because we have the best most devoted fans and support anyone could ever ask for. 



VQDM: Can any of you or all  think of the most exciting day in your music career that stands out the most?


Mitch: There are so many moments that stand out, but recently our single “Get A Little” rose to number 13 on the iTunes rock charts. Watching it climb from 100 to 13 in less than a day was so much fun and we were all really excited! 



VQDM: We have a fan question for you guys. Chevelle from Washington wants to know if any of you guys watched Sesame Street as kids and if so who was your favorite character ?



Mitch: I think we ALL watched Sesame Street. My favorite characters by far were Burt and Ernie. But I also loved Grover. I was obsessed with puppets. Hahahaha



VQDM: How do the songs come together? Do they start with the  lyrics, riffs? Or a combination?


Mitch: Songs come together in all sorts of different ways. Sometimes I have lyrics and melody. Other times Phill has a riff that we go off of and other times we start with a drum beat. We’ve written in all those combinations. We’ve even started with just a concept. Maybe a phrase that sticks out to us. It’s a different experience

every time. 



VQDM: In a Zombie Apocalypse and you could only grab one CD that's already laying around your home . What would it be? 


Mitch: In the zombie apocalypse I would probably grab Zeppelin 3 if it was lying around. 



VQDM: Is there any kind of genre of music any of you would like to compose later in life ?



Mitch: I know Phill and I want to explore Blues and Bluegrass a lot more. It’s already a part of our music but I think when we’re older we’ll release music in both genres. I would also love to score a movie. Rock n’ roll for now though.



VQDM: Who are your hero's, I'm not just referring to musicians but anyone in general?


Mitch: Personally, my mom and dad are heroes of mine. Phill Velinski is my hero. He saved my life. Dave Grohl is a hero of mine. Butch Walker is another. And believe it or not, Christopher Noland. These are all great pioneers of my time. 



VQDM: I see by the videos you post of your updates with the fans, you all seem to be having a lot of fun! Is there a prank, joke or  event that stands out the most while being on the road?


Mitch: We have blast together and through all the hard times, have always laughed a lot. We get Dean Pizzazz gagging and puking using ketchup. I laugh so hard my stomach hurts. It never gets old. 



VQDM: Another fan question Josh from New Mexico- Where do you all go when your on stage, do you have a different mind set?



Mitch: My mind set going onstage is different then when I’m up there. It’s all about consciousness. Before I take the stage, I always ask myself what I’m trying to accomplish. What are my goals for the show? What am I doing here? What is my purpose? It comes down to liberating souls with music so they may leave wanting to be better. That’s what music did for us and that was kind of our mission statement when we started. Once we get onstage, personally I try to loose myself in the music. Stay in moment. That way, I know whats best for the audience. It’s different every night and you can’t approach each audience the same. 




VQDM: What we see out there from social media, shows, promoting. Do you guys do that all yourself?


Mitch: Keeping up with our social media is a huge challenge and a giant undertaking. We take a lot of pride in responding to our fans and getting the word out. We all try to work as a team to get it all done. It’s a lot of work.


VQDM: Yvonne Loveland from Voodoo Queen Management wanted to ask- With being on the road so much and playing with so many bands, from National to Local acts. Was  there a local band that stood out the most to you guys while touring?



Mitch: We play with so many bands a year. It’s hard to single one out without mentioning a hundred that have put on incredible shows and supported us on the road. But our friends in Devin And The Dead Frets from Grand Rapids, MI have always been a great band to play with. The Merkins from Rockford, IL. LOR from outside Madison, WI….to be honest there are so many and so many local bands out there making good music. 




VQDM: Alycia from our staff wants to know. Have you all always been supported by friends and family or have there been those moments when someone has tried to discourage or steer you all in the wrong direction?




Mitch: Over the years, we’ve had some incredible support and direction on our path. We’ve also had several people tell us to give it up. We’ve been told we have no talent and no business playing music. We’ve been told by people who love us we should quit because they didn’t want to see us fail over and over. We’ve had people write us online and express how horrible we are. Songs are pointless and that we are want to be posers. We’ve been called ugly. We’ve been called mindless. We’ve been called amateurs and treated like absolute garbage. What we’ve found is that a persons true path is never easy and the dark forces of the world don’t want you to succeed. That’s when you KNOW you are really here on Earth to make a difference. I believe Wayland is here to make a difference. I believe I am here to make a difference. 




VQDM: Describe  Wayland in 3 words?



Mitch: Wayland in 3 words? ROCK N ROLL :-) 



VQDM: Another Fan question? Billy from CA Whats to know what made you choose the path you are on now, compared to what your parents wanted you to do and he wants to know what is your favorite car?



Mitch: My mom really wanted me to go to college. She really believed that was the only path. It was hard for her to understand there was something different for me. I think all of us have always searched for our purpose. That search brought us all to this band and to playing music for people to enjoy. It’s not necessarily that we chose the path, but the path chose us. I don’t really have a favorite car, but I do love the old 1986 Ford Ranger we used to have. I wonder if I’ll ever love another car so. 




VQDM: Fan Question: Josh wants to know, what is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to any of you guys on stage so far?


Mitch: We don’t get embarrassed easily but off the top of my head, we were playing a show in Battle Creek. Phill put his foot up on a monitor and his pants ripped. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his junk fell out and stayed out for an entire song. I got into a fight with Jesse Dupree on stage that same night. Both were embarrassing to an extent. 



VQDM: What advice would Wayland give to that fresh artist wanting to be a "Rock Star"?


Mitch: My advice to someone who wants to do this would be, never to chase being a rock star. There is no fulfillment in that. I would say, make sure you’re playing and sharing music for the right reasons. And the most important, don’t ever give up. It’s sounds simple but it’s a mantra you must incorporate into your daily life to succeed…in anything really. 



VQDM: Any shoutouts?



Mitch: Shoutouts? Only one. Thank you to all the Wayland Warriors. You have given us a career, a platform to make a difference and most importantly a group of beautiful people to share music with. And my mom…I love my mom


VQDM: What can everyone expect from Wayland the rest of 2014 and can you give us anything coming in 2015?


Mitch: We have a really fun and busy schedule for the rest of 2014. Great shows in big places we haven’t been in a while. Grand Rapids, MI, Madison, WI…it’s going to be amazing! We’ll also be finishing the new album. Hopefully it get’s released in early 2015. Next year we are going to continue to tour just like we are. The shows are going getting bigger and we’re coming out with a lot of new music. Of course, we are all really excited to release the new album and I think all the fans are eagerly and patiently waiting for new music. Trust me, it’s coming. 2015 is going to be a huge year for us and I think by the end of the year, the world will KNOW who The WAYLAND WARRIORS are. Thanks for the great questions. Stay in touch on Facebook and until we see you at the show…take care of each other. 


                                                                                           Mitch Arnold -Wayland  



















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